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Marketing that drives sales.
The AWG Marketing department is made up of generalists who specialize in breaking down the ever-changing grocery landscape. From social media strategy to in-store audio messaging, the team has hands-on experience reaching consumers where they want to be reached and in a way that draws them into our member retailers’ stores. Information about each of our offerings is below, but make sure to visit our blog, it’s there we provide insight into our success and opportunities and ultimately, where we Connect the Dots. To find out more about the AWG Marketing department, go to


Websites Social Media Gift Cards-Third Party Text Message Marketing
Online Shopping Free Signage Gift Cards-Store Fundraiser Coupon Books
Nutrition Programs In-store Audio Seasonal Events
Apples for the Students Email Marketing    

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Lisa Nelson
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Customers have come to expect that anything can be found on the web. Our team of web designers will help you build your website to your specifications, using your color palette, custom header and contact information. You can choose to include a variety of add-ons such as weekly ad upload, recipe search, events calendar, creation of a shopping list sent straight to phone and many more. We’ll help you manage the site’s traffic and suggest ways to expand the page’s reach.
Melanie Isenmann
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  Social Media
Interact with your customers, post updates on store events, offer special coupons and ask questions to which you want honest answers. We'll help you manage your social media accounts, and together we'll determine where and when to advertise. Shared login information gives you access to your accounts, and the opportunity to post breaking news, answer customer questions or create special event.

Find us on:

Complete social media services include:
Jimmy Sevcik
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  Email Marketing
For mass distribution of a targeted message, e-mail blasts assist in the communication of a time-specific message geared at customers who are interested in your updates and offerings. We'll help you determine where and when an e-mail blast needs to be focused, and how to communicate your message succinctly and systematically. We'll help you write copy, design layout and manage your database of contact information to ensure purposeful communication.

Services include:
• Develop a "Register to Win" promotion to kick off your new website and start building your "opt-in" email list.
• Create an identity for your e-club that is used consistently on your website, in weekly circulars, email templates, various forms and email correspondence.
• Design emails that can be sent on any schedule you desire promoting any sale or event, or direct traffic to your online ads
Jimmy Sevcik
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  Text Message Marketing
Communicate with your customers directly through a permission-based text-message marketing program. Customers opt-in to the campaign by texting a keyword to a short code, and receive back offers you designate for them. As the program continues, you send targeted message to engage customers through special offers, sale reminders and event notifications. We’ ll help you create a promotional calendar to keep your offers on track and ensure your campaign runs smoothly and efficiently. Broad offers give your campaign breadth, while segmented customer groups provide targeted message delivery.
Andrea Garcia
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  Free Signage
Communicate vital information to your consumers inside the store walls.

Smart Source - Floor ads, cart ads and shelf ads. No cost to you and no labor required by your store. As a plus, you also get an annual rebate based on level of participation and length of time.
Insignia Pops! - Shelf ads with no price point, at no cost to you, and shelf clips are provided. Your store earns an annual rebate
Bryan Wright
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  Gift Cards-Third Party
Whether premium brand gift cards or store-specific options, give consumers the convenience of gifts at their fingertips. Blackhawk gift cards create a destination for consumers looking for a gift option. Blackhawk Gift Cards - major, premium brand cards available. Commission paid based on card.
Bryan Wright
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  Gift Cards - Store
• 8 Standard Layouts.
• Create a Custom Card with own brand & logo - pricing determined by quantity, features and versions of art.
Bryan Wright
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  Nutrition Programs
Small changes can make a big difference, and with a nutrition program, you can assist your customers in choosing healthier foods.

Guiding Stars - Consumers are looking for help in making nutritious food choices, but are confused by the conflicting sources of information in the media and on food packages. Guiding Start is an objective, easy-to-understand nutrition guidance program that helps identify nutritious foods.

NuVal - No matter the starting point, NuVal® will help your customers trade up for health. Should they buy the wheat rolls or the multi-grain bread? Which salty snack is more nutritious for their family? Now with the help of NuVal®, your customers will be able to make quick and easy trade ups between products - in mere seconds. NuVal® Scores are powered by a sophisticated scientific algorithm that takes into account more than 30 nutrient and nutrition factors, in addition to their effects on health outcomes.
Bryan Wright
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  In-store Audio
Communicating your messages can be achieved cost-effectively through in-store audio with mood-setting music, store specific audio, and by utilizing targeted ads.
Our program mixes music with messaging to influence shopper behavior.
Andrea Garcia
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  Seasonal Events
Our marketing and advertising specialists have created Excite; Retail Marketing Events that change throughout the year. These campaigns are designed to draw customers into your stores more frequently, while encouraging them to spend more money each trip. Turnkey programs that include in-store coupon flyers, POP, and circular templates, make implementation easy and hassle-free.
Andrea Garcia
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  Fundraiser Coupon Books
Our marketing and advertising specialists have created the Fundraiser Coupon Book 2013-2014: The Coupon Book was designed as a way for you to give back to the community without having to simply hand out cash. The Coupon Book was created to for stores to sell to non-profit organization, who in turn sell them to your consumers. The Coupon Books have a $5.00 off $50.00 purchase on the back to drive the consumers back into your store.
Bryan Wright
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Apples for the Students
AWG Marketing and Advertising offers a great opportunity for our members to help their communities- Apples for the Students. This program is designed to aid schools in obtaining much needed school equipment with the help of their local grocery store. Register tapes are collected by the schools and exchanged for school supplies- the store only pays 1% of the total of the tapes! Sign up today!


Andrea Garcia
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Online Shopping
Are you prepared for the next big thing in grocery? Online grocery shopping isn’t new, but it’s quickly growing as a top customer demand. AWG Marketing has partnered with the leading grocery e-commerce providers so your store can be ready for the digital future of food. Adding an online shopping department to your store means easier shopping for your customers, and increased sales for you.


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